Technical Assistance

Kenson Lubricants Limited supply a comprehensive range of Industrial, Marine & Automotive Lubricants from leading manufacturers. All products are supported by providing our own sales engineers to visit customers and provide technical assistance when required. We are fully trained in the use of Metalworking fluids; water soluble coolants, neat cutting oils, system cleaners, anti-foam additives and biocides.

Our mission is to provide an excellent service and provide our customers with answers to questions accurately and quickly. We recognise that sourcing a range of quality lubricants can take time so we are on hand as a “one stop” shop for most eventualities for customers with breakdowns(of equipment) and fast turnaround production needs. We offer, quality and recognised brands from up to 4 leading Oil Companies namely; Gulf, Shell, Mobil and Texaco, as well as Kenson Lubricants’ own brand. We offer mixed deliveries of all manufacturers in order to satisfy the requirements of all of customers.It is not always the case the one size fits all.

The Directors of Kenson Lubricants Limited have a wealth of combined engineering experience spanning 80 years. With an understanding of manufacturing processes on CNC machines(machining centres) and manual machines. We also have a good understanding of the needs of rotating equipment, static power generation, land transport including engines, gearboxes and transmission equipment for off road and on road applications.

Please do not hesitate to Email us on or call us on 01543 500640 for further assistance.

Protecting the Environment and the User

Responsibilities for Health and Safety and the environment are taken very seriously at Kenson Lubricants Limited. Our Suppliers provide modern constituents free from potential health hazards and with reduced environmental impact are used in the range of lubricants that we offer.

We offer our customers the latest technology, using formulations that do not compromise the Worlds finite resources. Older constituents have been replaced with natural esters, biodegradable components and vegetable based materials to ensure excellent results and performance with minimal impact on the User and the Environment.


We offer products in a range of packs sizes, typically 20 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litre IBC’s. Greases in pack sizes of 400 g cartridges x 36 off, 12.5 kgs kegs & 50 Kg drums. Feel free to call us by phone or email on 01543 500640 or

Terms & Conditions

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