Yes, always add water soluble Metal Working Fluids(Oil) to water when mixing manually.
If adding to existing machine sumps, fill an uncontaminated container with water and then add MWF to the container and then agitate and stir the mixture thoroughly and aim for around 5% coolant to water(this depends on grade of coolant used and refractometer factor). Do NOT add Metal Working Fluid straight from the 20 litre container into the sump, as separation will occur. This will lead to oily unmixed deposits filtering through when the coolant pump is on.
As a rule of thumb use an old(but clean) 20 litre container fill with 19 litres of water then top up remaining litre of coolant = 5.2%. Put the top on then agitate the container(pushing/shaking it “to and fro”).

Call us we’ll be happy to supply one. Always use a refractometer with 0 to 32% Brix scale. Or alternatively call us and we can do the Condition Monitoring for you for each machine.(See “News” tab).

Call us we’re happy to supply. Dilution range: 0.5% -15%.Max flow rate 30 litres/min.

Ensure that the water pressure is adequate and that other users of this particular water supply is not reducing the water pressure. Mains water used through a mixer valve which is also on the same supply for toilet blocks, hand basins etc can reduce the pressure sufficiently to reduce the ability of the mixer valve to work efficiently which in turn can result in unmixed coolant from the mixer valve.

If the existing is in good condition it is possible to add our MWF on the back of the coolant. It is important to consider how long the existing MWF has been in the machine and if there are any warning signs on not to do so. Such as musty odours/smells. It is also important that no tramp oil from slideways or hydraulic circulatory systems are in the existing coolant. This will be seen in the sump as an oily scum on the surface of the MWF/coolant and will often be present on the bed of cross slides of the machine. In these cases a full machine clean down is recommended. Cascade System Cleaner used at 4% acts as a soapy bath and is used to clean out the coolant reservoir/sump and lines and filters to the coolant nozzle. For optimum cleaning 24 hours is recommended before system is emptied and refilled. 5 litres will provide 125 litres of total mixed concentration. If a sump is 250 litres we recommend filling to just above level of pump in order to get the system cleaner flowing through the system. Often meaning it is not necessary to fill the whole sump to its maximum level.


Yes we have several; Lang Wet Waste 01455 213147, Red Industries 01782 824026, Elimpic 0121 556 0772, Chemtech 01384 241 808, Avista 01902 874649, Vehicle Waste Recycling Ltd (incl coolant/suds,MWF) 07853 184910.

*Metal Working Fluids= MWF


Use Gulf Cascade Mobilcut 100 NEW a MWF(water soluble) that is perfect for sensitive alloys which does not stain.

On neat oil we also have Mobilcut 424.

Use  Mobilcut 210 New, with a long sump life.

Try Gulf Cascade GR-TC. Use search bar to find details.

Try Gulf Cascade HD-M. Use search bar to find details.

Try searching a manufacturers in our search bar: e.g Ford, Renault, BMW – this should show oils available with the relevant Manufacturers Oil specification- found in the manual appertaining to your vehicle.

Gulf Cut DTR, use our search bar to locate product details.

Mobilcut 320, use our search bar to find the product details.