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Heavy goods vehicles have been using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and AdBlue from as long ago as 2004, and some passenger car manufacturers have been using it for nearly as long. e.g Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Euro VI legislation from the European Commission have really driven an explosion in SCR technology from the passenger car perspective in Europe. The Euro VI diesels introduced in 2014/15 needed to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions by 56 per cent compared to Euro V levels. For many diesel engines over 1.6-litres in capacity, AdBlue and SCR technology has been the only means to achieve this. We offer various pack sizes of 10 litres L, 20L, 200L  and 1000L IBC’s.

N.B Barrels and IBC’s require a manual or electric pump for dispensing.

AdBlue is around 2 weeks old when delivered and has a working shelf life of 18 months.


  • AdBlue is not an additive to diesel. Always put AdBlue into its dedicated tank.
  • Only top up AdBlue with a dedicated filling system. Homemade equipment may compromise AdBlue quality due to corrosion or breaches.
  • Check the filling equipment for crystallization and blockages before you start
  • If you are using AdBlue jerry cans, make sure that the opening and spout are clean.


  • You can use your own storage system for the dispensing of AdBlue, but it must be a system that is designed for AdBlue. If you decide to use a homemade solution for dispensing AdBlue, consider that many materials are not resistant to AdBlue
  • Storing AdBlue in the wrong equipment may result in costly damage to your vehicles due to contamination.



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