Caprinus HPD 40_1*209L


Shell Caprinus is a premium grade heavy duty railway diesel engine oil. This oil has been designed for use in highly rated North American railway engines subjected to the most severe operating conditions.


North American diesel engines subjected to the most arduous duty where ‘zinc-free’ oils are recommended by the engine manufacturer. Applications are primarily for railroad locomotives, however Caprinus HPD may also be suitable for certain engines in power generation, marine and mine-haul applications

Performance Features

 Good detergency and dispersancy properties; a carefully balanced combination of detergency and dispersancy ensures outstanding engine cleanliness
 Good oxidation and thermal stability; Good protection against corrosion by the acidic products of combustion
 Good anti-wear properties; Maintains a protective oil film between pistons and their rings and cylinder walls, even under high operating temperatures and pressures
 High viscosity index base oils; Provides a higher level of protection than lubricants based on naphthenic mineral oils

Performance Specifications

API Service Class’n. – CD
EMD – Worthy of full scale field test (WOFT)
General Electric – Gen 4 – Long life “tentative approval”
LMOA – Generation 5
Detroit Diesel – Recommended for DDC series 149 engines under severe conditions
Seal & Paint Compatibility; Caprinus HPD 40 is compatible with all seal materials and paints normally specified for use with mineral oils

Typical Physical Characteristics

Caprinus HPD 40
SAE Viscosity Grade 40

Kinematic Viscosity
@ 40°C    160 cSt
@ 100°C  14.5 cSt
(IP 71)
Viscosity Index (IP 226) 98
Density @ 15°C kg/l (IP 365) 0.908
Flash Point (COC) °C (IP 36) 235
Pour Point °C (IP 15) -9

TBN-E mg KOH/g (IP 276) 13.0
Sulphated Ash % wt (IP 163) 1.5

Illustration above for advertising purposes only. This page is for 1 x 209 litre barrel of Caprinus HPD.(See below).


Caprinus HPD 40_1*209L

Additional information

Weight 209 kg