Engrenage 3470_1*209L (220 GEAR OIL)- Société nationale des chemins de fer français(SNCF)


Shell Engrenage 3470 is a VG 220 gear oil and is approved in category EPHT1 in accordance with standard NF F 19-809 (95), approved EP lubricant for applications of high thermal stability for the mechanical drives of TGV fast trains.

Shell Engrenage 3470 has reinforced properties of extreme pressure, and excellent thermal stability for the mechanical drives operating in high temperatures (which in certain cases can reach 140°C). Its very good oxidation resistance makes it possible to consider fill-for-life more likely than with a traditional oil.
• Reinforced anti-wear performance
• Exceptional oxidation resistance and
thermal stability
• Superior extreme pressure qualities
• Excellent dispersency leading to superior
levels of casing cleanliness
Low volatility.

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ISO VG 220 Gear Oil

Gear oil for use in railroad bogey reduction gearbox units incorporating iron elements and exposed to elevated temperatures.


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