Gulf Cascade DR Synth 20L


Gulf Cascade DR Synth 20L


Gulf Cascade DR-Synth is a high performance water-soluble pressing and drawing lubricant, utilising novel lubricity enhancers to provide excellent performance without the addition of chlorine or sulphur based extreme-pressure additives.

Gulf Cascade DR-Synth has been specifically designed for deep drawing, roll forming, punching, nibbling, piercing, blanking and shearing operations. It can also be used in forming applications, as a lubricated sheet marks much less than a non-lubricated sheet

Performance Benefits:
• Easy Stripping
• Longer Tool Life
• High Film Strength for Metal Forming
• Easier Degreasing Prior to Painting
• Can be Used on Carbon, Steel, Copper, Brass, and Aluminium
• No Stickiness Due To Tacky Oils
• Use of Highly inflammable and hazardous solvents not required
• No Irritating Smoke During Subsequent Operations
• No Oil Mist

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Weight 20 kg