Gulf Cascade GP-CI 200L



High Quality Cost Effective water-mix metalworking fluid for Cast Iron & Steel
GULF CASCADE GP-CI is a high quality, highly biostable, Chlorine free semi synthetic cutting fluid specifically formulated
to incorporate the latest advances in additive technology.
This product has been developed to provide improved levels of boundary lubrication to give excellent machining
performance without the use of chlorine EP additives. Special synthetic extreme pressure additives have been
incorporated to maximise machining performance and enhance surface finish, which combine with a highly biostable
micro-emulsion to provide extended sump life and improved tool life.
Gulf Cascade GP-CI has been specially developed to give cast iron engine block manufacturers greater machining
flexibility and increased tool performance during difficult operations such as drilling and tapping where high levels of
boundary lubrication is essential. The product provides the user with the very best in biostability and corrosion protection
performance demanded for cast iron machining, whilst also having the inherent flexibility to machine other ferrous
materials. Gulf Cascade GP-CI is therefore ideally suited to customers largely machining cast iron and steel.

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Weight 200 kg

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