Gulf Cascade GP-HS 4*5L


Ultra Long Life chlorine free Heavy Duty water-mix metalworking fluid designed for multiple applications in hard water areas


Gulf Cascade GP-HS 4*5L

A very high performance, ultra long-life water mix metalworking fluid, with a medium oil content, combined with excellent bio-stability. This product has been specially developed to facilitate a clean operation.

GULF CASCADE GP-HS is Chlorine free and is an excellent multi-purpose rationalisation product, which is also suitable for arduous machining of all metals, including all Steels, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Brass, Inconel and other high spec alloys, Titanium Alloys and Plastics.

Performance Benefits:

  • Superb bio-resistance
  • Ultra Long sump-life
  • Excellent Cleanliness in hard and soft water.
  • No sticky or resinous deposits, providing low drag-out
  • Low Irritant & Operator Friendly
  • Very economical in-use
  • Very High performance
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Multi-metal & plastics capability
  • Good Rationalisation product
  • Suitable for both high and low pressure applications
  • Low Foaming and low scumming tendancy, compatible with waters from 50ppm to 400ppm Calcium hardness

Additional information

Weight 20 kg