Gulf Cascade HD-AF 20L


High Quality chlorine free Extreme Pressure water-mix metalworking fluid designed for multiple applications


Gulf Cascade HD-AF is a high quality, Chlorine Free, Bio-stable, water-miscible coolant designed to provide the user with a robust, Long Sump-Life product that is compatible with a wide variety of materials. It is highly tolerant of microbial contamination and rejects tramp oil very effectively.

Gulf Cascade HD-AF has excellent EP Properties, which, in conjunction with high lubricity additives, produces a high quality surface finish, coupled with prolonged tool life. Unlike most high performance fluids, Gulf Cascade HD-AF does not leave sticky deposits on machine surfaces, and this also reduces coolant loss due to swarf “drag-out”. This product is suitable for use in a variety of water qualities, including hard water. It is low foaming and forms an exceptionally stable Semi-Translucent Emulsion. Excellent performance also on yellow metals and does not leave green residue.

Performance Benefits

Ø  Excellent lubricity Ø  Excellent surface finish
Ø  Highly stable emulsion Ø  Enhanced tool-life
Ø  Extended sump life Ø  Low foaming
Ø  Hazard Label free formulation Ø  Multi-metal and Plastics compatible

Additional information

Weight 20 kg