GULF Fifth Wheel Grease- 1*12.5 Kg drum


GULF FIFTH WHEEL GREASE is for use on the fifth wheels of articulated vehicles.  It has a high level of lubricating solids which keeps the working surfaces apart and substantially extends the life of the fifth wheel, trailer slides and locating pins.  It is fully resistant to the wet, extends the life of the lubricant and protects components from corrosion.  It’s adhesion improvers provide increased lasting protection.

Benefits :-

Fifth Wheel Grease has the added benefits of having solid lubricants within it. These solid lubricants plate on top of each other making this product in this application much stronger and slippier than standard greases.

Standard greases are not designed for the compression of a fifth wheel being pushed under a fully laden trailer..

Fifth Wheel Grease will enable an articulated unit to slide much easier under a fully laden trailer (saving on run ups to get the unit under the trailer).

Fifth Wheel Grease has more adhesion and has more water resistance than standard greases and will therefore stay in place for longer. This will help avoid those frustrating moments when you have about finished cleaning the vehicle with the pressure washer and you accidentally spray the fifth wheel sending the grease all over the back of the cab and chassis.

A cost effective and efficient product than the standard greases which are sometimes are used for this application.

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Weight 12.5 kg