Gulf Formula CX 5W-30 200L




Product Description

Gulf Formula CX 5W-30 is superior performance catalyst compatible passenger car motor oil formulated from finest quality synthetic base stocks and state-of-the-art additive technology meeting mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous & Sulphur) requirements. It has been specially developed for all modern turbocharged, high output gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks requiring ACEA C2/C3 quality oils. It provides exceptional cleaning power and wear protection and minimises deposits in engine & turbocharger leading to superior overall performance.

It meets the requirements of the latest low emission oil specifications of leading car manufacturers like Daimler, VW, GM and BMW.

Features & Benefits
 It has been designed to deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with fuel economy benefits.
 Latest mid SAPS additive technology prolongs life of after treatment devices used in the latest passenger cars.
 Low ash content reduces particulate build-up in diesel particulate filters
 Active cleaning agents reduces piston deposits and sludge build-up facilitating cleaner engines.
 Excellent low temperature property aids cold start and protects against wear at start-up

 All gasoline and diesel engines in MB and Volkswagen cars meeting Euro 5 & prior emission norms and requiring oils meeting MB 229.31/ 229.51/ 229.52 and VW 505 00 and 505 01 quality respectively.
 All BMW gasoline and diesel cars fitted with particulate filters requiring BMW Long life-04 quality oils.
 Suitable for all diesel and gasoline cars of General Motors requiring GM dexos2TM quality oils
 Modern passenger cars, SUVs, light vans & trucks powered by both gasoline and diesel engines requiring API SN and ACEA C2/C3 quality oils.

Meets the following Specifications 5W-30

MB 229.31, GM dexos2TM
Has the following Approvals
API SN, MB-Approval 229.51 and MB-Approval 229.52
Approved according to VW Standard 505 00 and 505 01, BMW Longlife-04

Typical Properties
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cSt D 445 12.1
Viscosity Index D 2270 165
Flash Point, ºC D 92 236
Pour Point, ºC D 97 -39
TBN, mg KOH/g D 2896 8.1
Density @ 15ºC, Kg/l D 1298 0.854
Sulphated Ash, %wt D 874 0.78
Phosphorus, %wt D 4047/ICP 0.074

For illustration purposes only(20 litre size). This page is for 1 x 200 litres drum/ barrel.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg

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