GULF Pin & Bush Grease-1*12.5 Kg


GULF PIN & BUSH GREASE is a grease designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is needed.  It has been proven ideal for use on bucket pins and bushes on heavy earth moving equipment, crane slews, and also as an assembly and running in compound.  The presence of graphite will fill surfaces and distribute load evenly preventing further wear and is therefore particularly suitable to extend the life of worn components.

Benefits over other greases:-

  • Many standard greases are mistakenly used for pivoting pins and bushes but none come close to being able to protect them like the Pin & Bush Grease.
  • Moly greases are one of the greases that are commonly used for this application but moly grease works by only coating the surfaces of the metal one molecule thick. It is the special combination of lubricating solids within the Pin & Bush Grease that protects this application. The special combination allows the materials to plate/stack themselves on each other giving a strong but yet very slippery surface allowing free movement.
  • This high level of lubricating solids keeps the working surface apart which in turn substantially extends component life.
  • Being fully resistant to the wet also extends the life of the lubricant and protects components from corrosion.
  • Adhesion improvers also provide increased lasting protection.

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Weight 12.5 kg