Gulf S-Draw 700 – 20L


Very high performance, high viscosity metal forming lubricant for multiple applications


Gulf S-Draw 700 is a very high performance metal forming lubricant designed to be used neat. This product is highly viscous and has been specially designed for very difficult pipe bending and highly arduous drawing applications. Superdraw 700 has been tried and tested by many customers who have previously had difficulty finding a product that works well for very difficult applications, and in all cases this product has been highly successful whereas other similar products have failed.

Gulf S-Draw 700 derives its performance from a unique synergistic blend of high lubricity and extreme pressure additives which help to provide the user with a lubricant capable of meeting the most demanding requirements in terms of surface finish and tool life.

Gulf S-Draw 700 is compatible with a wide range of materials including high alloy and stainless steels as well as non-ferrous metals


Ø  Excellent lubricity Ø  Excellent surface finish
Ø  Outstanding EP performance Ø  Enhanced tool-life
Ø  Operator friendly Ø  Low odour

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Weight 20 kg