Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W30 20L


Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W30 is synthetic ultra high performance diesel engine oil exclusively designed for the new generation, high performance, low emission engines. The latest low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulphur) additive chemistry used in this oil facilitates in maintaining the efficiency of the emission reduction systems such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which is used to meet Euro 6 emission requirements.

Meets the following Specifications 5W-30

  • ACEA E6, E7, E9; Cummins CES 20081; DDC 93K218; CAT ECF-3; JASO DH-2

It has the following Approvals

  • API CJ-4/SN
  • MAN M 3677, M 3477, M 3271-1; MB-Approval 228.51, MB-Approval 228.31
  • Deutz DQC IV-10 LA; MTU Oil Category 3.1
  • Volvo VDS-4; Mack EO-O Premium Plus; Renault VI RLD-3 compliance


Gulf Superfleet Synth ULE 5W30 20L

Additional information

Weight 20 kg