Gulf Vanishing Oil CN 60 – 20L


Gulf Vanishing Oil CN 60 – 20L


A modern high-quality, high performance evaporator lubricants that provide extended tool life and a nice finish surface finish. Vanishing oil CN is a quick drying oil with minimal fragrance. Can be used for punching, drawing, punching and pressing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Gulf evaporative oils can be replenished in all common occurring evaporative oils without negative consequences, although the benefits of using a Gulf product do not fully utilized. The oil can be applied with brush, sponge, roller, or automatically / mechanically.

Vanishing oil CN is included in a group of evaporative lubricants with lubricating properties that are very close to each other. The which mainly distinguishes the drying time, ie the evaporation rate. Contact your local Gulf representative for further information information.

Features – Benefits:

• Minimal scent

• Quick drying

• Multi-metal use

• Leaves no stains

• No subsequent cleaning is required

• Absolutely without active sulfur

Additional information

Weight 20 kg