Gulfcut 86-UA – 20L


High quality low viscosity neat cutting oil for aluminium and yellow metals


Gulfcut 86-UA is a low viscosity neat cutting oil specifically designed for machining aluminium, low to medium tensile steels, yellow metals and plastics. The product contains special additives to enhance surface finish and tool-life on difficult to machine materials. Excellent flushing action due to the product’s low viscosity. Gulfcut 86-UA is a high lubricity product with excellent extreme pressure performance.


  • Good lubricity
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Low viscosity. Superb performance on aluminium
  • Suitable for ferrous metals and plastics
  • Very economical in-use
  • Non-staining Suitable for yellow metals.
  • Low foam Can be used on high pressure machines


GULFCUT 86-UA is suitable for grinding, and machining of aluminium, ferrous metals and yellow metals and plastics, giving superior surface finish and tool–life. It can also be used as a light to medium duty general purpose work-shop lubricant. GULFCUT 86-UA can top-up all common neat metalworking fluids without adverse effect.

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Weight 20 kg