Gulfcut 86-UB – 20L


Low viscosity(10 cSt @ 40 degrees C), high lubricity neat cutting oil for reaming and burnishing.


Gulfcut 86-UB is a superior quality low viscosity neat cutting oil based on severely refined mineral oil and lubricity additives. This product is designed to provide excellent performance on aluminium and non-ferrous metals, and the pale colour ensures excellent workpiece visibility.

Performance Benefits:

  • Excellent for nonferrous work
  • Superior surface finish
  • Good flushing
  • Free from added chlorine and sulphur
  • Excellent workpiece visibility
  • Enhanced tool life

Recommended Applications:
The low viscosity of Gulfcut 86-UB makes it suitable for applications that require good penetration and effective swarf flushing. This makes the product particularly suitable for applications such as reaming and burnishing, but Gulfcut 86-UB is also suitable for general machining on aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

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