Gulfcut EDM Crystal 20 litres


The formulation of Gulfcut EDM Crystal has been proven successful in both high and low amperage spark erosion processes. Its unique blend of ultra-pure hydrocarbons with the latest synthetic technology provides a crystal clear fluid with high oxidation stability and extremely low viscosity.

The result is stability under high amperage as well as fast flushing in tight tolerance finishing work. Gulfcut EDM Crystal possesses low viscosity. This combined with the low specific gravity, means faster more efficient flushing and filtration. The result is increased metal removal rates, by as much as 30%. Filtration is improved due to less carbon and residue formation. The filter lasts longer and particulates are prevented from returning to the electrode work-piece interface.

Safety – Additionally, benefits of Gulfcut EDM Crystal are in its safety and operator friendliness. The fluid is odourless and contains no solvent-based hydrocarbons. This helps eliminate skin irritation associated with solvents and reduces oil mist and solvent vapour exposure.


Gulfcut EDM Crystal  . High performance Synthetic EDM Fluid


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Weight 20 kg