Gulfmar DPO Plus 412 – 1* 20L


Gulfmar DPO Plus is premium quality trunk piston engine oil designed for use in the modern medium speed
diesel engines operating on distillate fuels. The advanced additive technology used in this oil provides
excellent engine cleanliness & protection under severe operating conditions. This oil is available in SAE 30
& SAE 40 viscosity grades with a TBN (Total Base Number) of 12 & 15. Each grade has got a suffix of 3
digits in which the first digit indicates the SAE grade (e.g. 3 indicates SAE 30 and 4 indicates SAE 40) and
the last two digits indicate the TBN. These oils assist in controlling oil consumption in modern engines,
where liner-lacquering is a potential problem and meet the performance requirements of API CF.


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Weight 20 kg