Gulfmar HP 30 – 1* 200L


Gulfmar HP is high performance marine engine oil developed to meet the performance requirements of modern turbocharged and naturally aspirated marine diesel engines operating on distillate diesel fuel under severe conditions. It is blended from highly refined base stocks and advanced additives to provide very good detergency, dispersancy and antiwear protection with effective acid neutralization capability. The product meets the requirements of most of the medium and high speed marine diesel engines. Gulfmar HP 15W-40 has successfully completed 5000 hours field trial on Caterpillar 3400 Series engines and is approved by Caterpillar/ Pon Power Nederland.
Features & Benefits
• Very good thermo-oxidative stability controls deposits & viscosity increase facilitating longer drain intervals
• Advanced detergency reduces deposits and enhances engine cleanliness and provides added protection against bore polishing
• Better soot handling capability leads to control of soot induced oil thickening, wear and oil filter blockage
• Very good TBN retention ensures effective acid neutralization
• Excellent antiwear properties protect critical engine components resulting in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs
• Turbocharged and naturally aspirated 4-stroke medium and high speed marine diesel engines requiring oils meeting the specifications given in the table below
• Heavy duty diesel engines used in mining, construction, agriculture and other off-highway applications
• Rescue boats, lifeboats, fishing trawlers and coastal vessels
• Transmissions requiring oil meeting the performance levels given below, more specifically Allison C- 4 specifications

Daimler MB 228.2*, MAN 3275-2*


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Weight 200 kg