Gulfmar Supreme 10W-40 – 1*200L


Gulfmar Supreme is premium quality marine engine oil developed to meet the performance requirements of modern turbocharged and naturally aspirated marine diesel engines operating on distillate diesel fuel under severe conditions. It is blended from highly refined base stocks and new generation additives to provide excellent detergency, dispersancy and anti-wear protection with effective acid neutralization capability. It offers exceptional protection and extended life to low emission diesel engines including those fitted with Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) systems. The product meets the requirements of most of the medium and high speed marine diesel engines.


  • Modern turbocharged and naturally aspirated 4-stroke medium and high speed marine diesel engines requiring oils meeting the specifications in the data sheet.
  • Rescue boats, lifeboats, fishing trawlers and coastal vessels



For illustration purposes only. This page is for 1 x 200 litres drum/barrel.

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Weight 200 kg