Gulfway 68 – 200 litres


Gulf Way 68 is a superior quality lubricant specially developed to meet the requirements of modern high production machine tool slideways and is formulated from high quality base stocks and selected additives to provide excellent anti-wear and EP characteristics, low frictional properties, adhesiveness, filterability and water separating capabilities. Gulf Way 68 offers superior protection against oil degradation and corrosion of machine tool surfaces even in the presence of aqueous cutting fluids. Gulf Way 68 is specially developed to reduce the “stick-slip” problems with slow moving and heavily loaded machine tool slides. Gulf Way 68 has low frictional properties that reduces chatter and stick-slip of slides and ways and leads to improved surface finish and dimensional accuracy of workpieces. Excellent demulsibility provides ready separation from soluble cutting fluids and leads to prolonged coolant life and reduced cost of replacement and disposal. Superior metal wetting properties and adhesiveness resists wash-off from critical surfaces and protects from attack of high pH-coolants. Good filterability provides easy circulation through filters and reduces stickslip, chatter and wear. Excellent anti-wear performance provides high levels of protection for gears, bearings and slides. Effective rust and corrosion inhibitors provides enhanced protection of machine tool slides even in presence of aqueous cutting fluids. Good thermal and oxidative stability keeps sliding surfaces clean and resists oil degradation thereby increasing its service life. Gulf Way 68 is recommended for slides and ways of lathes, shapers, grinders and milling machines and suitable for horizontal slides


Gulfway 68 – 200 litres

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Weight 200 kg

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