Hyperdrive KXR CVT Fluid


Hyperdrive KXR CVT Fluid  is an ultra-premium, synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed to service most foreign and domestic vehicles CVT equipped vehicles. CVT Fluid is recommended for use in virtually all belt driven CVT transmissions. This product provides engineered anti-shudder performance for smooth transfer of power in highly sophisticated variable drive transmissions found in many newest cars and SUV’s. CVT Fluid provides outstanding long term service by providing exceptional anti-oxidation and anti-wear protection. CVT Fluid is recommended for use in most all chain and belt driven CVT transmissions manufactured by Nissan, Toyota, Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Saturn, Subaru and Mini Cooper. CVT Fluid is also recommended for certain transmissions manufactured by Mercedes, Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia and others.

Features & benefits
Synthetic components give outstanding oxidation resistance and extended service life
Mixes safely with all OEM fluids
Proper frictional control for special CVT transmission requirements
Outstanding anti-wear and anti-oxidation life

  • Nissan ; all requiring Nissan CVY NS-2 Fluid
  • Honda ; all requiring Honda Genuine CVT Fluid or Honda Multimatic Fluid
  • Chrysler ; all requiring Mopar® CVT+4 (VTF)
  • Subaru; all requiring Dexron® CVT (VTF)
  • Saturn; all requiring Dexron® CVT (VTF)
  • Mitsubishi; all requiring Dia Queen CVTF-J1 or SP-III fluid
  • Mini Cooper; all requiring Esso CVT EZL 799
  • Hyundai / Kia ; all requiring SP III Fluids
  • Toyota/Mazda/Daihatsu; all requiring TC Fluid
  • Suzuki; all requiring NS-2 / TC Fluid / green fluid 1
  • Ford; all requiring CVT 23 Fluids
  • Mercedes; all requiring CVT 28 or 236.20 fluids

Typical Properties
Colour Red
Density, g.ml-3 @ 15°C 0.851
Flash Point, COC 237°C
Pour Point -51°C
Viscosity Kinematic @ 40°C 36 cSt




Hyperdrive KXR CVT fluid

Additional information

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12 x 1 litres, 4 x 5 litres, 20 litres, 199 litres, 1000 litres