Kenson- GAS OIL (RED diesel)-205L *1off



Kenson Gas Oil(RED diesel) under BS2869:2006 is suitable for both Class A2 & Class D applications.

Red diesel is a robust fuel which can be used in a variety of applications. It is widely known as gas oil, and it is commonly used in the commercial, construction, industrial and agricultural sectors.It is also called: Gas Oil, Red Diesel, Farm Diesel, ULSG, Class A2 or Class D, 35 second burning oil, Marked EN590.

Since 2006, the British Standard for Industrial Fuel Oils, BS2869:2006, contains two grades of Gas Oil; Class A2 & Class D. The Class A2 specification is suitable for both diesel engines and furnace applications whilst the Class D specification is only suitable for furnace applications such as boilers, dryers and roadstone coating plants, but not suitable for diesel engines. In simple terms Class A2 is a low sulphur product, with the necessary lubricant requirements being replaced by additives, and Class D is much higher in sulphur, so “dirtier” when burnt.

As very few engines or burners can now legally use Class D fuel, the fuel industry has concentrated on making, storing, and distributing Class A2. From a consumers perspective most applications can use Class A2 without any cost or performance implications.

Red diesel can only be used to fuel off-road vehicles and machinery; diggers, tractors, crane towers and in some cases, industrial heating systems. It is prohibited by UK law to use red diesel in cars or any other illegal applications, red diesel has a dye in it to make it easy to identify for the authorities who suspect illegal use. They use dip testing as a method to uncover criminals who are buying red diesel and using it illegally. Those found to be using red diesel illegally are usually hit with huge fines and the impounding of the vehicle.


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