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Kenson Lusol XZ 204 is a semi synthetic water soluble coolant and is designed to have excellent stability in both hard and soft water areas. It is designed to machine aluminium, mild steel, copper and brass (without staining).

It is recommended that if introduced a thorough clean down of a CNC machine or manual lathe or milling machine by using a System Cleaner prior to filling.

Refractometer factor is 1.0 and ideal concentration is 6-8 %.

Kenson : Lusol XZ 204
Ultimate heavy duty chlorine and secondary amine free water-mix metalworking fluid
designed for multiple applications

Product Description:
An ultimate quality, chlorine free, highly biostable water-miscible coolant designed to give outstanding
performance when machining a wide variety of materials from aerospace aluminium alloys 2024 and 7075 to high
alloy and stainless steels, titanium, copper and cast iron.

Kenson Lusol XZ 204 produces a low foaming, rich milky micro-emulsion making it suitable for use with modern
high pressure coolant systems. As well as being low foaming in soft waters GULF CASCADE HD-S demonstrates
excellent tolerance of hard waters and its tramp oil rejecting properties provide a very clean working environment.

Kenson Lusol XZ 204 provides exceptional resistance to fungal infections and bacterial breakdown, making it suitable for use
in both centralised systems and single sump machines.

Features & Benefits:
 Excellent lubricity  Superb surface finish
 Ultimate chlorine free EP
 Enhanced tool-life
 Extra long sump life  Low foaming
 Chlorine, Secondary Amine & NP
Ethoxylates free formulation
 Suitable for sensitive alloys

Typical Physical Properties:
Appearance Amber liquid
Emulsion Type Milky white
Foaming Tendency Low
Specific Gravity at 20oC 0.976
pH @ 5% 9.3
Refractometer Factor 1.0
IP 287 Corrosion Break Point, % Volume: 2.0
Reichert Lubricity Characteristics @ 10% dilution:
Noise Reduction (Metres):
Load Bearing Capacity (Kg/mm2:

Recommended Dilutions:
General Machining: 4-6% Heavy Duty Machining: 6-10% Grinding: 3-5%


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Weight 25 kg