Meropa Synthetic EP is a high performance industrial
extreme pressure (EP) gear and circulating oil, designed
for a wide range of equipment working under severe heavy
and/or shock loadings and at high operating temperatures.
Meropa Synthetic EP is formulated with polyalphaolefin and
synthetic ester base fluids with additives designed to
deliver robust EP performance, wear protection, thermal
stability, oxidation resistance as well as corrosion and rust
Meropa Synthetic EP is available in ISO VG 150, 220, 320,
460 and 680 grades.
Customer benefits
• Designed for thermal and oxidation stability, gear and
circulating oil system cleanliness and lower maintenance
downtime and costs
• Durable EP additives offer reliable protection against
bearing and gear surface wear, helping extend severe
duty service life
• Dependable air and water separation characteristics help
reduce surface wear caused by loss of lubricating oil film
• Compatibility with many conventional seal materials and
mineral circulating oils, aids smooth switching of oil types
• Thermal and oxidation stability promotes longer service
life under severe service than is possible with
conventional mineral oils



  • Meropa Synthetic EP is suitable for many types of gear system in mobile and stationary industrial equipment where an EP lubricant is specified, including spur, bevel and worm gears, plain and anti-friction bearings subjected to heavy-duty operating conditions.
  • Meropa Synthetic EP is also suitable for circulating oil systems where an EP lubricant is required, and outdoor machinery exposed to wide ambient temperature conditions, such as crane, hoist and winch gearboxes, speed reducers, chain drives, sprockets and flexible couplings.
  • These oils may also be used in bath, splash, circulating and spray lubrication systems.
ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-F16
DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP
US Steel Specification No. 224
ISO 12925-CKD

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

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