MOBIL DTE 932 GT -1*1000L IBC


Mobil™ DTE 932 GT is a next generation high performance turbine oil designed for use in large frame turbines under severe operating conditions. This product is based on selected high quality base oils carefully balanced with a proprietary additive system to provide long oil life in combination with industry leading “keep clean” performance. The formulations also include a non-zinc antiwear system to meet the load carrying requirements of geared turbines.

Mobil DTE 932 GT meets the requirements of modern combustion turbines where the oil is used both as a turbine bearing lubricant as well as for hydraulic controls. Mobil DTE 932 GT is specifically formulated for General Electric Frame 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 turbines with common bearing and hydraulic oil reservoir, where varnish control is most needed.

The carefully balanced combination of base oils and additives is designed to limit the occurrence of varnish formation in the hydraulic system of these turbines. The keep clean performance in combination with a high level of oxidation and thermal stability help provide long and reliable turbine performance.

 Features and Benefits

Mobil DTE brand mineral-based products have been the choice for turbine operators worldwide for more than one hundred years. During that period our company’s scientists have maintained the strongest ties with turbine equipment builders and operators to ensure that the needs of new turbine designs are met or exceeded by our lubricants. This has required a continual upgrading of Mobil branded turbine oils and the application of the most appropriate modern base oil and additive technology

For modern stationary gas turbines operating at high power outputs, exceptional protection against thermal/oxidative degradation and deposit control are key requirements. Severe operation causes thermal stressing of the lubricant that can result in filter plugging, servo valve deposits or short oil life.


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Weight 1020 kg