Mobilgard 525 -1*208L


Diesel Engine Cylinder Oil
Product Description:

Mobilgard™ 525 is a marine diesel engine cylinder oil for crosshead engines running low and ultra low sulphur distillate fuels and meets the requirements of MAN and Wartsila engines. Designed to protect in extreme environments, Mobilgard 525 has an optimum viscosity of 20 cSt at 100ºC and low volatility to ensure lubricant distribution and oil film retention and help protect engine parts.


Combats the deposits and scuffing related engine wear associated with low sulphur fuels
Excellent thermal and oxidative stability to ensure performance in a variety of engine conditions
Formulated with detergent technology required to deliver excellent performance with low-sulphur fuel
Detergency system provides strong control of piston groove deposits which is a critical area for distillate fuel operation
Marine crosshead engines designed for increased power and fuel efficiency
Earlier engine designs and engines in slow speed steaming operation.


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Weight 208 kg