Mobil Pegasus 905-1*208L


Mobil Pegasus 905 -Gas Engine Oil

Product Description

Mobil Pegasus 905 is an ultra-high performance gas engine oil engineered to meet the most rigorous demands of today’s high output, low-emissions, fuel-efficient, four-cycle engines. These gas engines generally operate under high load and high temperature conditions subjecting the lubricant to extreme demands. Mobil Pegasus 905 uses the highest quality base stocks and an advanced additive technology resulting in exceptional oxidation stability, nitration resistance and thermal stability. Mobil Pegasus 905 offers outstanding anti-wear characteristics and protection against valve face and seat recession. Its detergent and dispersant properties reduce the formation of carbon deposits, lacquer and sludge resulting in cleaner engines, longer oil life and reduced filter costs. Its excellent TBN and reserve alkalinity properties protect engine components from acidic materials that are formed during combustion or as the result of degradation.

Mobil Pegasus 905 is designed to provide exceptional protection against piston scuffing, scoring and ring and liner wear. It also exhibits excellent resistance to foaming, good demulsibility and high-level corrosion protection. It is formulated with low levels of zinc and phosphorus making it compatible with engines equipped with catalytic converters.

Features & Benefits

Mobil Pegasus 905 is designed to provide optimum engine life and low maintenance costs. It meets a wide range of OEM requirements making it an excellent choice where high-speed four-cycle engines from various OEM’s are used. Its unique innovative technology allows for control of valve train component wear and reduces the potential for scuffing, scoring and accelerated piston and ring wear. The end result is lower costs of operating and maintaining your gas engines.

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits

Exceptional Oxidation and Nitration Resistance Cleaner engines Longer oil and filter service
Improved engine performance
Outstanding Anti-wear and Anti-scuff protection Reduced scoring, scuffing and wear of pistons and liners
High level of protection in fully loaded engines
Reduced maintenance costs
Advanced Technology Additive System Excellent protection of valve train components
Reduced levels of combustion chamber ash
Improved spark plug life
Very Effective Corrosion Protection Protects internal engine components from water, coolant and
acidic materials
Neutralizes acids formed from combustion or oil degradation
Excellent Detergent / Dispersancy Performance Protects valve train components
Reduces ash and carbon deposits in combustion chambers
Improves spark plug life and performance
Reduces filter replacement costs
Very Good Foam Separation Reduces potential negative effects of air on wear and oil degradation


Additional information

Weight 208 kg