Mobil Pegasus SR-1*1000L


Mobil Pegasus SR is a high performance, anti-scuff performance, natural gas engine oil specifically formulated for the lubrication of modern medium and high-speed four-cycle engines operating on landfill gas containing corrosive materials such as, hydrogen sulphide or halogens (compounds containing chlorine, fluorine, etc.) and abrasive materials such as siloxanes.

Mobil Pegasus SR is a high performance gas engine oil specifically developed for the lubrication of modern medium and high-speed, four cycle engines operating on aggressive gases typically containing high levels of Siloxanes, where high wear or scuffing is a significant issue. These engines are generally of the lean-burn, turbo charged design, where increased manifold pressures and reduced emission requirements lead to reduced amounts of lubricant available on liner surfaces, and in the valve guide areas.
Mobil Pegasus SR provides outstanding anti-wear and anti-scuff performance which helps assure minimal piston scuffing, and low cylinder liner and piston ring wear. The Mobil Pegasus SR is a 0.5% ash gas engine oil with exceptional reserve alkalinity designed to offset the detrimental effects of acidic attack on engine components. The excellent corrosion protection properties helps prevent corrosive wear in cylinders, valve areas, and bearings which can result in longer engine life, and lower maintenance costs. This oil can be used for the lubrication of the reciprocating compressors in landfill and biomass gas applications.

Mobil Pegasus SR is formulated from high quality mineral base oils combined with an advanced technology, low ash additive system designed to provide excellent protection of engine and compressor components. It exhibits a high level of chemical stability and resistance to oxidation and nitration. Mobil Pegasus SR offers outstanding resistance to valve train wear and protection against deposit formation, especially in piston ring grooves. These performance advantages combined with the very effective detergency and dispersancy characteristics helps control the formation of ash and carbon deposits that could result in poor engine performance and detonation. This product is also compatible for use in gas engines equipped with catalytic converters.
To ensure optimum protection it is essential that the engine to be correctly run-in when any liners are changed. This is to allow the additives in the oil time to protect the new surfaces.

Features & Benefits
Mobil Pegasus SR Gas Engine Oil provides an additional margin of protection in those applications using contaminated gas. Its excellent detergent / dispersant technology also results in cleaner engines, lower wear rates, and improved engine performance. The use of this product can result in reduced maintenance costs and improved production capacity. Its excellent chemical and oxidation stability can result in longer drain periods. The high reserve alkalinity of this product allows its use in engines operating on gas with low to moderate amounts of corrosive materials in the gas.

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding Anti-wear and Anti-scuff Properties Reduced scuffing of liners in highly loaded gas engines
Lower wear of engine components. Extended engine maintenance and engine components life capabilities.
Provides excellent break-in protection
Optimised TBN and Reserve Alkalinity Controls wear and corrosion when using contaminated gas
Protects valve seats and faces on four cycle engines
Controls combustion chamber ash formation and improves spark plug performance
Excellent Oxidation and Chemical Stability Cleaner engines
Extended drain intervals
Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration
Effective Corrosion Resistance Reduces valve guide wear in four-cycle gas engines
Protects bearings and internal components
Exceptional Detergent / Dispersant Properties Neutralises formation of acids in the oil
Protection of upper cylinder and valve train components
Cleaner engines


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Weight 1020 kg