Mobil SHC Pegasus 30- 1*20L


Mobil SHC Pegasus™ is a new category of advanced technology natural gas engine oil designed to provide today’s high output, low-emission four-cycle gas engines with the highest levels of protection with the added potential benefit of fuel consumption reductions. Mobil SHC Pegasus is the latest addition to the technologically advanced line of Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils that offer high performance, long service life and improved productivity.

Mobil SHC Pegasus is designed for use in:
• Turbocharged, naturally aspirated, medium to high speed four-cycle engines requiring a low ash oil
• Lean-burn and stoichiometric four-cycle engines operating under high load, high temperature conditions
• High-speed four-cycle gas engines used in cogeneration applications
• Natural gas fueled engines equipped with catalytic converters
• Gas engines operating on fuel that contains low levels of H2S. Consult OEM for specific fuel gas and oil drain interval.

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Weight 208 kg