Mobil Wyrol BG220- 1*208L


High-performance, synthetic low staining bearing and gear oil for rolling mills. Specifically designed to overcome the problems generated when conventional bearing lubricating oils contaminate the roll oil.

WYROL BG Series are high performance synthetic low staining bearing and gear oils designed for use in rolling mills. Due to their low staining tendency, they are particularly suitable for use in non-ferrous rolling mill applications. They are formulated with low staining synthetic ingredients that ensure adequate lubrication is provided for heavy-duty bearing and gear unit conditions. Their low staining characteristics ensure that the quality of rolled metal is not impaired through leakage into roll coolant systems. This will ensure an optimum life and quality is obtained from the roll coolant; this reduces maintenance and overall costs. WYROL BG oils have good anti-wear and load-carrying performance and protect heavily loaded gears and bearings from damage and wear. WYROL BG oils also exhibit excellent oxidation stability and corrosion prevention properties.

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Weight 208 kg