Mobil Wyrol H15- 1*208L


WYROL H Series oils are designed for use in hydraulic systems of rolling mills. They are formulated with non-staining base oil and combined with shear-stable synthetic components to obtain the desired viscosity. Specially selected additives provide good anti-wear protection, oxidation stability and rust prevention characteristics. They exhibit very low staining properties relative to conventional hydraulic fluids. Contamination of the rolling oils with conventional hydraulic fluids could result in staining problems that would show up on the finished metal after annealing. Wyrol H  conforms to U.S. FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3910(a)”Surface Lubricants used in the manufacture of metallic articles” is used for rolling of foil or sheet stock for food applications.   They therefore can be used as hydraulic fluids in aluminium rolling mills, which produce products such as foil for use as food packaging materials.

Features and Benefits
WYROL H oils provide the low staining performance demanded by the mills rolling aluminium or yellow metals. Their low staining tendency and clean annealing performance significantly reduce this problem. In addition, the WYROL H oils provide very good anti-wear protection and oxidation stability resulting in long hydraulic system component life and extended oil service capability.

Wyrol H15 provides;

Low staining characteristics reduce the potential of production rejects.
Good anti-wear properties reduce hydraulic system component wear and extend service life.
High resistance to oxidation reduces system deposits and improves oil life reducing maintenance costs.

Recommended for applications in mills rolling aluminium or yellow metals where cross-contamination of conventional hydraulic oils with rolling mill oils could cause staining problems.
The viscosity grades 15 and 32 are suitable for use in both low and high pressure hydraulic systems of rolling mills.

Technical specifications

Density 840
Flash Point (degrees C) 130
Pour Point (degrees C) -18
Viscosity at 100 C 4.2
Viscosity at 40 C 15
Viscosity Index : 203

Additional information

Weight 208 kg