Mobil Wyrol HS46- 1*208L


Wyrol HS oils are premium synthetic, low staining, low gum-forming, anti-wear hydraulic fluids that are specifically designed for use in modern aluminium rolling mills. They are designed to meet the most up-to-date requirements of high productivity aluminium cold rolling mills. Leakage of conventional hydraulic fluids leads to contamination of the aluminium rolling oil system; this may cause staining and gum formation on finished metal surfaces. However, contamination of the roll oil with Wyrol HS significantly reduces this effect. Wyrol HS has good anti-wear properties, excellent oxidation stability and good protection against rust and corrosion. Although Wyrol HS is a synthetic product, it is miscible with mineral oil, so change over from conventional hydraulic oil to Wyrol HS can be achieved with relative ease.

Due to the nature of the base oil, Wyrol HS does not meet U.S. FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3910(a). If this is required, Wyrol H should be used.

Features and Benefits

Wyrol HS are high performance synthetic hydraulic fluids, which exhibit very low staining characteristics reducing the potential of production material rejects. Their excellent oxidation stability and good anti-wear protection properties result in longer oil life and improved hydraulic component performance.

Wyrol HS oils offer the following benefits:

Low staining characteristics reduce the potential of production rejects
Good anti-wear properties reduce hydraulic system component wear and extend service life
Excellent oxidation stability minimises system deposits and improves oil life, reducing maintenance costs

Hydraulic systems in aluminium cold rolling mills.
Suitable for use in low and high pressure hydraulic systems.
Recommended for gear, vane and piston pumps in hydraulic applications.

Additional information

Weight 208 kg