Mobilcut 260 is a high performance, semi-synthetic cutting fluid for virtually all machining operations on metallic materials. It especially enhances performance when machining aluminum and aluminum alloys and where low staining potential is important on sensitive components.
Mobilcut 260 is suitable for the machining of copper alloys. During the machining of copper alloys, the color of the emulsion might turn into green however there will be no staining on work pieces.
Minimum concentration should be 5%. On difficult applications or materials the concentration can be increased up to 10%. Water hardness should range from 5°dH up to 30°dH. Exceptionally water hardness up to 60°dH is possible. Mobilcut 260 is problem solver at extreme soft water (5°dH) and where an explicitly tolerant and resilient emulsion against dirt and contamination is needed.

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Weight 20 kg

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