Mobilcut 320-New is boron free high quality synthetic water miscible metalworking fluid designed for general grinding operations with steel and cast iron where a high quality surface finish, outstanding cooling and low foaming potential are the primary requirements.

Features and Benefits

The Mobilcut series are designed to help increase the productivity of modern machine shops by providing high performance features

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Form stable emulsions and solutions Ease of use and maintenance
Long term inherent stability Increases batch life and reduces unpleasant odors
Low foaming potential Improved performance even in high pressure systems
Resists formation of sticky residues Improves machine cleanliness
High degree of corrosion protection Reduces machine maintenance and rework of materials
Good separability from fines Improves filterability and surface finish
Wide Range of applicability Potential to consolidate products and reduce inventories
Compatible with high performance Mobil Vactra Oil (slideway lubricants) Easy separation and removal of tramp oil
Neutral Odour Enhances the workplace environment


Mobilcut 320-New: Synthetic (mineral oil-free) grinding fluid, primarily recommended for grinding of steels and cast iron. Not suitable for Tungsten Carbide. Fluid type is a chemical solution. Water hardness range is from 0 to 20 °dH with a possibility to go up to 40°dH in use.

Refractometer factor is 1.4.

Recommended concentrations for typical operations:

Low alloy steels grinding: 5-8%

Carbon alloy steels grinding: 8-10%

Cylindrical & Surface grinding: 5-8%

Properties and Specifications

Appearance, AA.Lab.101 Liquid, Yellow
Appearance, 5.0% in 20 deg dH Water, AA.Lab.101 Clear and Colourless
Kinematic Viscosity 20 C, mm2/s, DIN EN ISO 3104 70
Density 15 C, kg/m3, DIN EN ISO12185 1085
pH-Value 5.0% in 20 deg dH Water, DIN 51369 9.5



mobilcut 320 new

Additional information

Weight N/A
pack size

20 litres, 208 Litres

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