Mobilgear OGL 009 is a high performance advanced technology lubricant which incorporate both extreme pressure additives and finely dispersed graphite for load carrying.  It is intended primarily for the lubrication of large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears.  In addition to providing outstanding load carrying, they are formulated to have excellent adhesion and resistance to “fling-off” under extreme conditions. Mobilgear OGL 009 is easily pumped from drums to application spray nozzles with conventional transfer pumps. The soft consistency and the low temperature properties of Mobilgear OGL 009 is suited to spray applications operating under a wide variety of conditions. Mobilgear OGL 009 is formulated with a carefully specified quality of finely dispersed graphite which contributes significantly to wear prevention under the boundary lubrication conditions found in the high load / slow speed operations typical of large open gearing.



Mobilgear OGL009 -180 kg

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Weight 180 kg

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