Mobilmet 762(10 cSt @40 degrees C) is particularly suitable for deep hole drilling (less than 20 mm
diameter) of Steel and its Alloys, threading, tapping, parting-off and automatic lathe operations on small work pieces. Mobilmet 762 is not recommended for use with copper and it’s alloys.

Drilling, Milling and Boring of Steel and Steel Alloys as well as Aluminium.

Broaching of Steel only

Tapping and Threading of Cast Iron, Steel and Steel Alloys

Gear Cutting of Cast iron, Steel and Steel Alloy.

Thread and Form Grinding of Steel and Alloy Steel

Deep Hole Drilling of Steel and Alloy Steel

Honing of Steel and Alloy Steel

Mobilmet 762 is not recommended for use with Copper Alloys.



Mobilmet 762 is an extra high performance neat cutting oil. They are chlorine-free and are intended for severe cutting operations especially on difficult to machine steels. Mobilmet 762 is not recommended for use with copper and it’s alloys due to its aggressiveness towards these softer yellow metals. In comparison with other leading premium cutting oils, Mobilmet 762 has demonstrated superior surface finish, extended tool life and control of built-up edge. Its light colour enables the work area to be seen during machining operations. Closer tolerances are consistently achieved. The oil is formulated to prevent the formation of oil mist in the vicinity of the machine tool, so contributing to a safer and more pleasant working environment. With the benefit of comprehensive development testing using modern machining equipment, plus extensive customer evaluations, Mobilmet 762 has become the products of choice for many machine shops.

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Weight 208 kg

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