Mobilube PTX 75W-90-1*208L


Mobilube PTX is a SAE 75W-90 multipurpose gear lubricant. It has been developed to provide outstanding performance specifically in Porsche 911 transaxles. It provides low temperature fluidity with high temperature stability ensuring excellent wear protection in these transaxles over a wide range of operating conditions.

Features and Benefits

The combination of synthetic base fluid technology and special high performance additives have been carefully formulated to meet the low temperature fluidity requirements of Porsche. It also provides excellent synchromesh compatibility and ‘shiftability’, whilst maintaining excellent wear protection.

Mobil PTX provides the following benefits:


  • Excellent low temperature fluidity, giving easier gear changing from cold over conventional SAE 80W-90 and 75W-90 grades.
  • Excellent synchromesh compatibility / durability.
  • Good thermal /oxidative stability.
  • High level of wear protection under some of the most severe conditions.
MOBILUBE PTX 75W-90 has the following approval:
Approved TE-ML 11 X


According to ExxonMobil, Mobilube PTX 75W-90 is of the following quality level:


1 x 208 litre drum.

Additional information

Weight 208 kg