Rando HDZ 32 (20 litres)


Rando HDZ 32 is a proven performance multi-viscosity anti-wear hydraulic fluid designed to offer robust protection at 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI) where surge pressures may increase metal-to-metal contact and wear, by effectively plating out metal surfaces in vane-, piston-, and gear-type pumps. Rando HDZ is formulated with premium Group II base oil technology in combination with reliable additives to offer corrosion, oxidation, foam and aeration resistance, with dependable shear stable viscosity index (VI) improver performance, helping optimise system protection.

In laboratory testing, Rando HDZ provided up to 5% improvement in overall hydraulic pump efficiency when compared with typical monograde hydraulic oil with VI<105 performance.

Benefits :

• Premium Group II base oils and shear stable viscosity modifier offers high viscosity index for use over a wide temperature range
• Anti-wear additives protect against wear under load with rust and corrosion inhibitors designed for protection in steel and copper
• Good hydrolytic stability and water separation characteristics help prevent deposit formation and rust in the presence of water
• Oxidation inhibitors reduce oil thickening and deposits, offering improved filterability and foam suppression helping cut downtime


Rando HDZ 32 (20 litres)

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