Rimula R6 ME 5W-30 E4228.5_1*209L


Shell Rimula R6 ME meets the long drain laboratory requirements of Mercedes-Benz and MAN approvals.

Extended drain performance: in conjunction with a major fleet we have demonstrated in real-world operations that Shell Rimula R6 ME can exceed the piston deposit protection required by Mercedes-Benz at drain intervals of more than double the maximum normally approved*.

*Always consult your vehicle maker or dealer before extending drain intervals.

Specifications and approvals

SAE viscosity grade: 5W-30

ACEA: E4; API: CF; Daf HP-1/2; MAN: 3277; MB Approval: 228.5; MTU: Category 3; Volvo: VDS-2.


Shell Rimula R6 ME oils deliver highly responsive protection, enhanced fuel economy with no comprimise in durability, maintenance saving, long drain performance coupled with protection against soot induced wear, piston and engine deposits.

Additional information

Weight 209 kg