Spirax S6 TXME 10W-30 (20 litres)


Spirax S6 TXME is the latest technology “Universal Tractor Transmission Oil” (UTTO) designed to provide a superior lubrication in transmissions, hydraulic systems, oil immersed brakes and other ancillary systems fitted to agricultural tractors and off-road equipment. Spirax S6 TXME, combining Shell XHVI synthetic base fluid with the newest additive technology, is particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications running in sustained high heat operating conditions.

Previously known as Shell Donax TDS


  • Ford: M2C-134D
  • Massey Ferguson: CMS M11 45, M1143, M1141, M1135
  • Caterpillar: TO -2
  • John Deere: JDM-J20C
  • ZF: TE-ML 03E, 05F,17E, 21F
  • Volvo: 97303: 018, WB 101
  • AGCO: 821 XL
  • New Holland FNHA-2-C.201.00
  • API Service Classification: GL-4

Applications on Case equipment where fluids meeting MS 1207 and MS 1209 are specified.


Spirax S6 TXME 10W-30 (20 litres)


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Weight 20 kg