Gulf Syngrind BF – 200 litres


Gulf Syngrind BF is a concentrate that mixes with water creating a long-lasting, highly efficient, synthetic emulsion for metal processing by grinding. It does not contain chlorine, boron and secondary amines. Without the formation of adhesive deposits. Syngrind BF is a super modern, synthetic and long-lasting liquid that mixes with water, intended for grinding, with excellent anti-corrosion properties. Provides exceptional cleanliness equipment.

Important properties and benefits: 

  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Long lifetime of the emulsion
  • Long life of the grinding tool
  • Strongly stable solution
  • Does not irritate
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Extremely low preference for foaming
  • No adhesive deposits
  • Saves due to less fluid discharge


Gulf Syngrind BF – 200 litres

Additional information

Weight 200 kg