SYNTRANS Z 75W-80-(208 litres)


Castrol Syntrans Z 75W-80 is a Semi-synthetic Transmission Fluid for use in manual transmissions including those equipped with Re-/Intarder, mechanical non-synchronised transmissions, steering systems and supplementary transmissions; it can also be used in cases where the use of higher viscosity single-grade API GL4 fluids can cause shift problems.


  • Excellent synchroniser performance improves shift quality and improves fuel economy over conventional gear lubricants.
  • Exceptional temperature reduction through reduced friction gives longer oil and component life.
  • Outstanding antiwear performance provides protection to components especially under high load, reducing downtime and repair costs.
  • High shear stability – constant viscosity during oil life enhances performance and life of components.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability gives excellent transmission cleanliness and extended drain capability


SYNTRANS Z 75W-80-(208 litres)

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Weight 208 kg