Texaco Aries 100 Air Tool Oil (208 litres)


The Aries range of extreme pressure lubricants provides comprehensive equipment protection and performance to all percussion-type air tools, including rock drills, paving breakers, pneumatic pile drivers and jackhammers.

Formulated with top quality base stocks and advanced additive technologies, Aries is highly stable under demanding operating situations and in hostile environments. This highly reliable lubricant delivers excellent wear protection and outstanding corrosion and rust resistance. Aries is highly adhesive, maximising oil film reliability. This advanced product resists water wash out in very wet environments while absorbing moisture in tool airflow in very humid operating environments.

Aries 100 provides

Reliable service life and optimum performance
Aries’ extreme pressure additive technologies provide maximum oil film durability and operational performance. This high performance is enhanced by Aries’ inherent stability, preventing fogging, foaming or deposit formation, which may lead to loss of drilling performance due to slow or erratic valve operation.
This inherent stability maximises protection across a wide temperature range, maintaining highly durable oil film integrity at high temperatures, and preventing ice-related downtime in low temperature situations caused by air expansion.



Texaco Aries 100 Air Tool Oil (208 litres)

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Weight 208 kg