Texaco Havoline ProDS M 5W30-4*4L


Havoline ProDS M SAE 5W-30

Premium performance synthetic engine oil recommended for use in vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GM, Opel, Vauxhall and other OEMs who specify and ACEA C2/C3 oil
  • Premium low SAPS formulation helps to reduce exhaust emissions and offers extended DPF and TWC performance, and extended service life
  • Formulated for dependable low temperature fluidity, rapid oil circulation and reliable engine protection during cold start-up
  • Efficient keep-clean additive technology helps reduce harmful deposit and sludge formation, offering extended engine life
  • Robust synthetic base oil formulation offers reduced engine oil volatility and helps minimise oil consumption
  • Meets MB 229.52, requiring improved oxidation stability and fuel economy compared with previous MB 229.51 specification.
ACEA C3,C2 ; BMW LL-04 ; MBZ 229.51/229.52

For illustration purposes only. This page is for 4 x 4 litres.

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Weight 16 kg

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