Texaco Havoline ProDS V 5W30-4*4L


Havoline ProDS V SAE 5W-30

Premium performance synthetic engine oil recommended for vehicles manufactured by VW, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Chrysler.
  • Promotes maximum uptime – advanced additive technology aids emissions system protection and performance
  • Helps minimise exhaust emissions – through low SAPStechnology designed to protect catalysts and dieselparticulate filter systems
  • Offers increased engine protection – low temperature fluidity helps ensure rapid oil circulation at cold engine start-up
  • Advanced keep-clean technology – offers protection against deposits and sludge build-up, helping maintain fuel economy
  • Designed to reduce oil consumption – advanced synthetic formulation offers long-life, low volatility performance.
ACEA C3  ;

VW 50400 / 507.00 / 505.01 / 502.00 ;

BMW LL-04;

MBZ 229.31/229.51 ;

Porsche C30

For illustration purposes only. This page is for 4 x 4 litres.

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Weight 16 kg

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