Honor AW 220- 1*208L


Advanced technology hard water formulation, Honor AW advanced technology circulating lubricants offer next generation wear and corrosion protection to steel mills and associated processing equipment.Featuring advanced design and high durability formulation, Honor AW fluids provide the highest level of wear, rust and corrosion protection. These advanced formulations deliver excellent performance and protection where water has calcium content higher than 500 ppm.

Honor AW lubricants are developed with high viscosity index base stocks and superior performance metal-free additive systems. These advanced and highly robust formulations deliver maximum wear and corrosion protection to a wide variety of heavily loaded components operating under high temperature conditions, including back up-roll bearings and reduction gears and bearings.

World-class heavy-duty performance Honor AW’s powerful rust and corrosion protection additives maximise equipment protection in very wet, hard water operating situations. These powerful additive systems provide highly efficient water separation properties, and through advanced, metal-free design, does not stain products produced in the mill such as metal plates. Honor AW offers improved compatibility with rolling emulsions and provides first-class equipment protection, resisting rust damage and increased wear due to boundary lubrication problems. Honor AW offers high-level protection against dirt, contamination and elevated temperatures. These highly robust lubricants offer exceptional thermal stability, delivering long-term resistance to thickening at elevated temperatures, and also resist separation and degradation at higher temperature spikes, optimising lubricant protection, equipment service life and operating performance.

The Honor AW range offers long-term equipment protection to critical mill equipment, and will not corrode steel, copper, bronze, babbitt or cadmium nickel bearing metals.


• Honor AW 220,  circulating lubricant is specifically designed for the lubrication of ferrous and non-ferrous Morgan No-Twist Mills and Morgoil backup-roll bearings.
• Recommended for applications including the general lubrication of reduction gears and bearings

• Danieli 0.000.002 standard
• Morgan Lubrication Specification Rev 1.0

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Weight 208 kg

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