Texaco Molytex EP2 – 24*400g


24 off x 400 gram cartridges.

Molytex EP 2 is a proven performance extreme pressure multipurpose lithium grease, formulated with a shear stable lithium-12-hydroxy-stearate soap. Molytex EP 2 contains solid lubricant MoS2 to contribute to good lubricity, high load carrying capability and assist seizure prevention under high load conditions. Molytex EP 2 is also formulated to help protect against corrosion, oxidation, and softening in service, and offer robust assistance to water washout.

It offers:
• Contributes to heavy and shock load protection
• Helps provide robust water washout resistance
• Wide range of applications
• Assists low temperature pumpability performance
• Aids reliable rust and corrosion protection. Association of American Railroads Specification M-929-75
• Volvo Corporate standard STD 1277.65, lubricating grease 97765

  • Molytex EP 2 increases the life of propeller shafts by up to 30%, when compared with a standard lithium EP grease
  • Molytex EP 2 is especially developed for use in constant-velocity joints.
  • Molytex EP 2 is a multi-purpose grease. Construction,mining and agricultural applications for Molytex EP 2 includes a wide range of grease lubrication pointsfound on dozers, scrapers, earthmovers, cranes,shovels, rollers, tractors, combines and cotton pickers.
    These lubrication points include most types of antifriction bearing arrangements from plain sleeve-types, to rolling element bearings, as well as bushings andother sliding surface or pivot points
  • Molytex EP 2 has been successfully used in constant velocity joints (CV-joints) in front wheel drive automobiles, universal joints (U-joints) and for chassis lubrication. The presence of Moly helps provide added shock protection
  • Molytex EP 2 is formulated to perform well in high load conditions and temperature extremes and help provide resistance to rust and water washout.
  • Molytex EP 2 is not suitable for high speed rolling bearings.

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