Texaco Multifak EP 1 – 1*180 KG



Multifak EP is an efficient performance extreme pressure multipurpose grease, suitable for both automotive and industrial applications. Multifak EP is formulated with highly refined mineral base oils and a lithium thickener, combined with extreme pressure additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors. Multifak EP is available in the following grades:
• Multifak EP 0
• Multifak EP 1
• Multifak EP 2

Customer benefits

• EP additives contribute to high load wear protection
• Helps protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion
• Robust oxidation resistance
• Lithium thickener provides good flow and pumpability (NLGI 2)
• Multipurpose application reduces inventories and mis-applications

• Industrial plain and rolling element bearings
• General plant lubrication
• Centralised lubrication systems
• Construction equipment bearings
• Earthmoving, quarrying and mining
• Agricultural equipment
• Automotive wheel bearings
• Chassis grease point lubrication


Additional information

Weight 180 kg